Poker Night Ad Time

Poker Night Ad Time

Get airtime today during “Poker Night in America” (PNIA) and “Poker Night in America LIVE “ which air on the CBS Sports Network in primetime at 10pm EDT. Space is limited so call 212-844-9057 now!  We will be selling inventory in both programs starting the week of 5/7. CBS Sports Network reaches 60 million US TV Households and is not Nielsen rated.

“Poker Night in America” is a program that makes poker fun again! “Poker Night in America,” currently in its 6th season, features a guaranteed mix of interesting characters, from professional poker players to total amateurs, there’s a lot to cheer for, depending on the player and the event. This program is a must-see television for all serious players and fans. Poker Night in America is “bringing personality back to poker!” PNIA airs on Sunday nights at 10PM EDT and Monday Nights at 10PM EDT.

“Poker Night Live” is filmed on location at the beautiful Hawaiian Gardens Casino in Los Angeles and airs on Tuesday nights at 10PM EDT. This 2 hour program is a celebrity-centric version of a live cash game, but with lower stakes so the stars can just have fun and let loose. There will be no editing for Poker Night in America LIVE, which should provide many moments of fun and laughter!

One of the celebrities set to make an appearance and host is Joe Stapleton, who will put down the PNIA microphone and take a seat at the table. His comedy and humor have been a staple of the PNIA cash game broadcasts and viewers can perhaps expect even more jokes as Stapleton mixes it up with other celebs.


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