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TV Advertising

Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does.” ― Steuart Henderson Britt

At TelevisionAdGroup, we share the conviction of author Steuart Henderson Britt, witnessing the truth of this statement daily.  Many businesses have adopted the misconception that effective advertising can be achieved without a TV media campaign.  They've been led to believe that TV advertising is either too expensive or less impactful than print or alternative advertising mediums.  Contrary to these notions, TelevisionAdGroup asserts the falsity of such beliefs.  Explore our videos and navigate through our site to discover a multitude of budget-friendly TV, radio, and digital advertising options that yield tangible results.  For personalized assistance, give us a call at 212-844-9057 to connect with an Advertising Account Manager for advertising inquiries or a Production Manager to discuss the creation of a compelling commercial.

Radio Advertising

Radio Reaches Over 90% of the Population.

With over 230 million listeners every week, radio reaches over 90% of the U.S. population. However, that is not the most impressive thing about radio. The really amazing aspect of radio is how it personally connects with consumers. With its lifestyle-specific programming and lovable on-air personalities, radio has the power to reach a highly targeted demographic.

Our advertising associates specialize in radio. We know how stations operate and how to get you the best radio advertising rates possible. With over 25 years of experience, TelevsionAdGroup is not only your one-stop shop for television, we’re also your destination for great radio advertising.

Digital Advertising

Advertise your ad on the web.

There is no question that the Internet has become a must-have in all of our everyday lives. Whether we use it to get the news, learn a craft, contact our friends, ask a question, or use it to place an order, the Internet has become an everyday convenience.

Because it’s so important, digital advertising has become a necessary part of any branding campaign, and it is a cost-effective way to reach any size audience. Use digital advertising to reach a consumer when they visit their favorite website, while they are watching a YouTube video, or while they are listening to their favorite song. TelevisionAdGroup will create an effective Internet advertising plan to supplement your TV and radio campaign.


Get the Best Deals!

Buy Unsold Ads At

Huge Discounts

Each week, a multitude of ad units remains unsold on premium TV channels, radio stations, and broadcast networks.  Television Ad Group steps in to liquidate these surplus ad units at substantial discounts, not only generating revenue for the networks but also offering our clients unprecedented rates.

Our Services

Our full-service agency is here to help you all the way to the finish line


Reach Your Target Audience

Reach the masses with vivid color, animation, and compelling narrative to help drive sales. TelevisionAdGroup can help get you on your way.



Ride the Radio Waves

Catch your potential clients during their daily commute, or anywhere else they are listening: at home, at work, or on the go!



Join the Web

The Internet isn’t just for Google searches any more! Reach customers streaming TV and Radio content online on their laptops, tablets, and other Mobile devices



Your Target Audience

No matter how specific your target audience, detailed market research conducted by TelevisionAdGroup will optimize your media plan.



Digital Out Of Home

Capture attention with billboards & transit signs, or immerse your brand in environments like gyms, offices & more. Let your brand shine where it matters most!



Lights. Camera. Action!

Your commercial is an ambassador for your business, so it needs to look good.  Get an affordable high-end commercial made that will translate into sales.

PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Jinnine P. – Marketing

Mia is a seasoned advertising professional who will work hard to find your organization or company the most impactful spots for the best rates in a timely manner and explain every step along the way.

Rock Bottom Golf

Brian S., Marketing Director

Television Ad Group worked with us to formulate the perfect plan to kick off our television advertising efforts two years ago and the results have been amazing. We couldn’t have hoped for a better partner!

Book A Limo

Oren E. CEO

Mia and Ellen are amazing to work with very professional and have access to great programs. They won’t over promise or sale you something that may not work well for you. They work hard 24/7 to achieve your goals so don’t be surprise to get emails in middle of the night.


Ismael A. Principal Investor

Mia has a pure passion for her business and is extremely knowledgeable. My partner and I have changed our marketing footprint 3 times within a short period in order to reach a larger audience and Mia provided solutions in lightening speed time. She knows her business inside and out and always over delivers. We are getting great results.

Bongiovi Brands, NJ

Anthony B., Owner

TelevisionAdGroup has helped take my local business national. I was spending twice as much for local advertising before I met them, and now we are nationwide for less money. Our sales and awareness have tripled, and I couldn’t have done it without them. T.A.G. cares about your business — not just the sale — and that is why I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my advertising dollar.

Defense Soap, OH

Guy S., CEO/Owner/Founder

As a small business owner, I need to make sure I get the most bang for the buck. Over the past several years we can say we have definitely gotten that working with the Television Ad Group. Always over-delivering.

Welmedix Consumer Healthcare, NJ

Bruce L., Marketing Director

Your media planning and buying was the key program in helping us achieve TWO key successes highlighted in a recent trade ad in MMR. The first is that we were the fastest-growing brand in our category this season; and the second is that the success behind the gel has enabled us to get greater traction in launching the new items.

Historic Harmony Festival, PA

Gwen L., Chairperson

I have been chairperson for Historic Harmony’s German Christmas Market for over 12 years now and I depend completely on Television Ad Group for our media advertising. Everyone there goes out of their way to help us target the right audiences, to make sure our commercial is perfect and ready to go on time and to get us good time slots. Our event is enormously successful every year thanks to their great service! We used another advertising service in the beginning but since we have been with Television Ad Group we have not even considered switching. When you have a good thing, you stay with it!

Absolute Abstracting, NC

Jim M., Owner

Although still in the ‘testing’ phase of our campaign, Mia and her team at TelevisionAdGroup have already produced results that far exceeded our expectations. Their commitment to our success is obvious, and they back that up with hard work, incredible creativity, and an aggressive negotiation skill that has obtained rates for us far better than previously used agencies. Daily, we continue to be impressed how they constantly go above and beyond on our behalf.

Visiting Angels - Philadelphia, PA

Dave P., Vice President of Business Development

I have been dealing with TelevisionAdGroup for years. I find their rates to be the most competitive, and their attention to my business needs are met quickly. I highly recommend TelevisionAdGroup to all

Avia Dental, WV

Karen C., Owner

I just wanted to let you know that the TV campaign is kicking butt!!! February and March are always our big months, but we just broke our sales records this week!!! Our record in weekly sales was 73, and we broke it today — standing at 79 as we speak — but we don’t actually close out our week until midnight tonight. Now I just want more!!!! Yay!!!!

Weitz and Luxenberg, NY

David K., Marketing

The only bad aspect of my providing an enthusiastic recommendation for TelevisionAdGroup is that perhaps our competition will get wind of how amazing they are. I wholeheartedly suggest that anyone who desires outstanding value for their advertising dollar seek them out immediately. We have been very happy with our results, and look forward to a great future with TelevisionAdGroup on our team.

Visiting Angels - Orlando, FL

Gary C., Franchise Owner

I have been working with TelevisionAdGroup since the beginning of 2010. Since that time, TelevisionAdGroup has been very instrumental in securing very reasonable rates with multiple radio networks. In addition, they have superior customer service!!! I would highly recommend working with TelevisionAdGroup.

Rock Bottom Golf, NY

Brian S., Director of Marketing

We had been an online only retailer for over 20 years, sticking to mostly online marketing efforts. Thanks to Television Ad Group, we were able to successfully start marketing our business through TV commercials. They were able to get us in front of the proper audience, and helped our business experience record growth!

Niron Depot, CO

Nir S., Owner

I own a local kitchen and bath showroom in Aurora. I knew I had to get a commercial on television if I wanted to expand my business and increase my customer volume. I knew nothing of how television ads worked and how they were aired. About 6 months ago, I contacted TelevisionAdGroup to assist me with this project, as I had read nothing but great reviews for them online. TelevisionAdGroup made advertising on television as easy as it could be, and they did most of the work for me. They knew exactly how to format my commercials, as well as airing times and targeted audience – so that I would get the most exposure for my money. I have had nothing but a great experience these last 6 months working with TelevisionAdGroup. Since my commercial began airing on television, our customer volume has increased drastically, and not a single day goes by without at least 1 customer stating they heard about us through our commercial on television.

National Syndication & Pod Cast Advertising!

Maximize Brand Impact!
Advertise on National Syndicated Radio or Podcasts
With Famous Personalities for Instant
Credibility & Extensive Reach.

Having a Personality Voiceover in a Radio Commercial Can Offer Several Benefits:

Authenticity and Trust:   A recognizable personality lends credibility to your brand. People often trust and connect with familiar voices, enhancing the authenticity of your message.

Memorability:   A distinctive voice can make your commercial more memorable.  When listeners associate a particular voice with your brand, it increases the chances of them recalling your product or service.

Attention-Grabbing:   A charismatic personality can captivate listeners and grab their attention, ensuring that your message stands out amid the advertising clutter on the radio. Emotional Connection: Personalities can evoke emotions and create a connection with the audience.  This emotional resonance can strengthen the impact of your commercial and make it more relatable.

Brand Association:   The personality becomes a part of your brand identity.  Over time, the association between the voice and your brand can help reinforce your image and values in the minds of consumers.

Increased Engagement:   Listeners may be more likely to engage with a commercial featuring a personality they admire.  This engagement can extend beyond the radio, influencing social media discussions and other forms of brand interaction.

Differentiation:   In a crowded market, a personality voiceover can help differentiate your brand.  It adds a unique element that sets your commercial apart from others and creates a distinctive brand experience.

Versatility:   Depending on the personality's style, they can adapt their tone to suit different messages.  Whether you need a serious, humorous, or empathetic approach, a skilled personality can deliver it effectively.

Remember, the effectiveness of a personality voiceover depends on the alignment between the personality, your brand, and the target audience.  Choose a personality whose image and values resonate with your brand to maximize the impact of your radio commercials.

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