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Television Commercial Production

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TV Ad Production Services

Ready to start advertising but still need to make the ad?

If so, then TelevisionAdGroup is the perfect agency for you! We not only sell advertising, we also have a fully staffed production team ready to help you with your commercial production needs. Unlike most other agencies, we do not farm out commercial production to other companies. We have our very own full-time production crew on staff that can handle all levels of commercial filming. That means you get the best product quality for less than what other agencies are charge.

Our team offers HD 4K and higher resolution filming packages that will give your brand a big impact on the screen – as well as in-house motion graphic commercials that will stand out from all the rest. No matter what production package(s) you choose, TelevisionAdGroup’s production crew will make sure you have a cost-effective commercial your consumers will respond to.

Types of Production Packages


Basic In-House Commercial

A motion graphic commercial created using:

  • Client-provided media:
    • Product photos
    • Company logo
    • Branding material
    • Video
  • Media from TelevisionAdGroup’s stock video, music, and photo libraries.  

Also includes:

  • One professional voice actor read of your commercial script
  • One dedicated production editor to help you bring your commercial to life.




Premium In-House Commercial

The next step up from the basic in-house commercial. On top of what you get in the basic package, you also get one onscreen talent of your choosing filmed against a green screen or simple colored backdrop. This package includes the cost of the talent, filming setup, and two additional production crew members.





Basic On-Location Commercial

A motion graphic commercial created using:

A basic on-location commercial features one on-screen talent of your choosing, either on a set or at a location. Package includes:

  • Multiple setups at said location/set
  • A 4-person crew
  • Filming on a RED Pro 4K cinematic camera
  • Access to our stock media libraries
  • Your dedicated editor for the project.




Premium On-Location Commercial

A premium on location commercial is the most extravagant package. In addition to motion graphics and access to our media libraries, this package offers

  • Up to 5 on-screen talents
  • On-location filming
  • HD 6K cinematic camera filming
  • 5+ person crew




Additional Production Services

Looking for something a little extra to add to your commercial production?


3D Product Animations

3D animations are great ways to make your product pop on screen – whether it’s a simple product modeling or a fun, creative 3D transition.





Original Music and Jingles

Using catchy music or a jingle is a great way to imprint your brand in peoples’ minds. It’s been proven that people will remember the tune long after they see ads with jingles or catchy music.








Celebrity Spokesperson

America loves celebrities – whether they are famous movie and TV stars or just people famous for being famous. The power of the correct celebrity may be the right choice to boost your brands sales.





Behind-the-Scene Videos

Does your brand have a strong social media presence? Share behind-the-scene videos and photos across your social media platforms to increase interest in your new advertising campaign.





Billboard Commercials

Don’t have the budget for a traditional commercial but still need to get on TV? Then a billboard style commercial maybe for you. This simple commercial style is economic and effective.




Need To Update An Old Commercial?

We can do that too! Spruce up an old ad with new music, voice over, or even a onscreen talent. You don’t always need a brand new commercial. With a commercial update you can make your old ad brand new.


The client initially featured a white actress in their sole commercial but sought to connect with Spanish-speaking and African American audiences.The solution involved filming new talents against a green screen and seamlessly overlaying them onto the original actress.This strategy, coupled with fresh voiceovers and music tailored for each ad, successfully expanded the campaign's reach.




Heathcare DME

The client's initial commercial wasn't sparking the desired response. The remedy involved introducing. A relatable talent through filming, effectively boosting viewer empathy and strengthening the connection with the company




Utilize ads with interchangeable sections to effectively reach different audiences. Maximize cost efficiency in production by employing versatile Donut-style ads that can be easily customized.




Add A Testimonial

This client wanted to add customized testimonials to reach different audiences.
Original Spot


Version One


Version Two


10 Second Commercials

Capture attention instantly!  Deliver your compelling message in a brief, impactful 10-second announcement. Swift, powerful advertising at its best!

Already Have a Commercial?

A successful TV advertising campaign hinges on a compelling commercial.  Without one, your campaign won't achieve its potential.  If you already have a commercial, we offer a complimentary review to ensure it meets delivery standards and is maximally effective – all at no cost to you! Some production companies might not have your best interests at heart, but at TelevisionAdGroup, we handle both commercial production and advertising, ensuring we're always invested in your success.  That's why we provide a free commercial review because advertising is futile if your commercial doesn't measure up. Consider the following questions:

Ask Yourself These Questions Is Your Commercial Optimized For Sales?

  • Does it have a phone number or website?
  • Do viewers understand what you’re selling?
  • Is your message strong? Does it make people want to buy?

How Is The Film Quality Of Your Commercial?

  • Is the video fuzzy or grainy?
  • Is the:
    • Audio clear?
    • Music too loud?
    • Voice talent poorly recorded?
  • Do the graphic animations look like a child made them?
  • Do the colors look “off?” (That is, are the people or products slightly green, yellow, or another color?)
  • Is your commercial standard definition (SD) or high definition (HD)?
  • Does your commercial look like it was made on a cell phone?

Obviously, if your answers to any of these questions cause you concern, you might need to take a second look at your current commercial. Most of the time, an ineffective commercial can be fixed with the addition of a web address (URL) or phone number. However, if you need to start fresh with an all-new commercial — or need editing points to go back to your production company with so they can make changes — TelevisionAdGroup is more than happy to work with you.

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