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Digital Video & Radio Advertising

Reach them while their TV is off

Internet Advertising

Advertise your ad on the web.

There is no question that the Internet has become a must-have in all of our everyday lives. Whether we use it to get the news, learn a craft, contact our friends, ask a question, or use it to place an order, the Internet has become an everyday convenience.

Because it’s so important, digital advertising has become a necessary part of any branding campaign, and it is a cost-effective way to reach any size audience. Use digital advertising to reach a consumer when they visit their favorite website, while they are watching a YouTube video, or while they are listening to their favorite song. TelevisionAdGroup will create an effective Internet advertising plan to supplement your TV and radio campaign.

Take Your TV and Radio Ads Digital

YouTube Ads

Video has become a key component of our everyday lives. Start reaching one billion YouTube viewers monthly now with YouTube advertising. YouTube advertisements have been proven to be just as effective as TV advertising when it comes to building brand awareness for your business. By joining keyword targeting with interests, you can reach new audiences.


Streaming Video Ads

Mobile devices and Bluetooth have changed the game regarding how we can view movies and TV. With video streaming services like HULU, consumers can watch video on demand anywhere they have an Internet connection. With optimized advertising opportunities, you can reach new audiences using these streaming services.



Internet Radio Ads

Radio isn’t just for your car or the few times you have a radio receiver with you. With smart phone apps and streaming online radio, your favorite station is never more than a few clicks away. Reach a new audience while they listen to radio at the office, on a run, or while they take care of some housework.


Banner Ads

Most video or audio online ads come with the option to run banner ads. These are static image ads that pop up on the apps or streaming services as the consumer uses them. However, you can also buy banner ads on a bunch of different high-traffic websites. Reach the audience you want with targeted banner ads.


Digital Ad Samples

Take a Look at Some of Our Sample Digital Ad Placement.
Sample In-Banner Video With Scrollover


Sample Internet Pre-Roll Commercials


Sample Internet Pre-Roll Commercials



Cost Effective Advertising

Over the years, TelevisionAdGroup has built an extensive network of media vendors. We pride ourselves on those relationships and the great volume pricing we get from them. We pass these savings on to our clients so every business we work with can reap the benefits of bulk buying. Unlike our competitors, you do not get charged exorbitant prices for your advertising. We work hard to get you the most cost-effective advertising possible.

Our caring sales team will work with you to figure out what type of advertising will work best for your product or business. We will negotiate the lowest effective prices and help you build a campaign that will get you and your brand noticed. We will be with you every step of the way to make sure your advertising is optimized for your unique audience.