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Advertising on Television

One of the Most Effective Ways to Advertise

What You Need To Know About TV

Whether you’re trying to reach a local, regional, or national target audience, television is one of the most effective ways to advertise. Through syndicated television, remnant advertising, cable, satellite, and/or Video on Demand (VoD): TelevisionAdGroup can help your company reach your specific target demographic. Whether it’s 18–24 year olds, men or women, golfers, parents, or even do-it-yourselfers, our experienced sales staff has the knowledge needed to optimize your media plan for the most effective results.

Our media specialists know how TV stations operate and how to buy TV efficiently, so you save money. With over twenty-five years of experience, we know how to reach the audience you desire without breaking your budget. Contact us today to speak with an advertising account manager who can help you and your business on the path to company growth.

Types of TV Advertising

Local Advertising

Do you do all of your business locally? Then local advertising may be the right choice for your company. Don’t waste your advertising dollars on people outside of your area. Advertise directly to your target demographic near your business’s location. Have multiple locations in multiple areas? No problem! With local advertising, you can target the right neighborhoods for each location without losing ad dollars on viewers too far away.


National Advertising

Are you looking to reach millions of people across the nation? Then national advertising is the way to go – with hundreds of shows and networks that air nationally. With national advertising you can reach potential customers all over the U.S. With custom targeted and broad advertising plans made for your business, advertising nationally can help you reach your demographic on a unbelievable scale.

Regional Advertising

Is your business in need of more advertising than what local can give you? Are you too small to benefit from national advertising? Then regional advertising could be the solution. Maybe your company offers a service only to southern California; or maybe you are located in the New York tri-state area and need advertising across all of those markets. This isn’t a issue with regional advertising. Just let us know what areas you are looking to reach, and we can help you make it happen.


Syndicated Television

Do you have a favorite TV show or movie that you watch all of the time? Maybe it’s older and reruns air all the time, letting you re-live your favorite moments. Well, chances are that you have been watching syndicated television; and you can be sure that you’re not the only one watching! Maybe you have a product geared toward middle-aged woman. With syndicated TV, you could choose to advertise on a TV show or movie that speaks to that demographic – maybe a romance movie, for instance. The best part about advertising using syndicated TV: Your commercial airs as many times as that movie or show does

Remnant Advertising

Are you new to advertising and want to make an impact? Is your product or service something that anyone may want or need? Most importantly, are you looking to do all this on a budget? If so, then remnant advertising may be the right choice for you. Remnant allows you to get on the air for less by buying unsold ad time. Perfect for those companies who want to reach the largest audience without spending tens of thousands of dollars. Running on a number of popular channels multiple times per day, remnant advertising can help launch your business.


Cable / Satellite Television

Reach the widest audience possible by taking advantage of cable and satellite television. Whether your viewers get their TV from a cable in the wall or through a dish – satellite and cable are the two most widely used TV providers all across the globe. Networks available include Syfy, MTV, Cartoon Network, E!, and many more. We can connect you with the countless people and families who get their TV via cable or satellite providers.

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Cost Effective Advertising

Over the years, TelevisionAdGroup has built an extensive network of media vendors. We pride ourselves on those relationships and the great volume pricing we get from them. We pass these savings on to our clients; so every business we work with can reap the benefits of bulk buying. Unlike our competitors, you do not get charged exorbitant prices for your advertising. We work hard to get you the most cost effective advertising possible.

Our caring sales team will work with you to figure out what type of advertising will work best for your product or business. We will negotiate the lowest effective prices and help you build a campaign that will get you and your brand noticed. We will be with you every step of the way to make sure your advertising is optimized for your unique audience.