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Ready to start advertising but still need to make the ad?

If so, then TelevisionAdGroup is the perfect agency for you. Not only do we sell advertising, we also work with hundreds of talented voice actors. Unlike most other agencies, we do not farm out commercial production to other companies; we work directly with talent. That means you get the best talent for less than what other agencies are charging for the same voice talent.

We pair these great voices with custom scripts and audio editors to make your radio commercial stand out. TelevisionAdGroup’s production crew will make sure you have a cost effective radio ad that sounds great and your consumers will respond to.

Types of Radio Commercials

Live Reads

This is a commercial that a DJ or announcer reads live on the air when your commercial is scheduled to run. This approach plays off the popularity of the radio stations’s on-air talent. This kind of commercial also has the added benefit of standing out from the pre-recorded commercials that play on the station at the same time.

The Straight Read

The straight read should focus on the benefits that your business offers to the prospective customer and how they can reach you. The copy should also contain your business name, address, or phone number — depending on whether or not you have a location that people can walk into — and your slogan if you have one.

Funny Commercials

This commercial is a bit riskier. Each business must weigh the pros and cons of whether or not funny is the way to go. Not every business lends itself to funny commercials. However, when a commercial like this is done right, it can go viral and be shared and seen by many more people than expected. A little funny can go a long way.


Using a jingle is one way to really make your commercial memorable. A custom-produced jingle can really elevate your commercial and make your business seem much more professional. Customers will really remember your commercial and your business when they can’t get your jingle out of their heads. Think about how many times you’ve caught yourself humming along to a commercial jingle. You just can’t help it.

Live Read Radio Samples

Listen to a few of our Live Read Samples.

Get your voice out there!

Radio is everywhere; and with the amount of time the average person spends in the car daily listening to the radio, advertising on the radio can be an extremely lucrative possibility for you. Whether you want to advertise on the radio locally in your area or reach a wider audience, our radio advertising agents can come up with a plan that fits your needs.

We can create original radio commercial spots for airing on whatever radio station or show you choose as well as LIVE radio reads by radio personalities.

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