Rock Bottom Golf

Brian S., Marketing Director

“Television Ad Group worked with us to formulate the perfect plan to kick off our television advertising efforts two years ago and the results have been amazing. We couldn’t have hoped for a better partner!”

Wizard Research, NY

Ed Sitt., Owner

“I have been working with Television ad group for many years and I only have positive things to say. They always stayed on top of my account and fought the networks to get me more than I paid for.

I highly recommend them.”

PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Jinnine P. – Marketing

Mia is a seasoned advertising professional who will work hard to find your organization or company the most impactful spots for the best rates in a timely manner and explain every step along the way.

Locust Grove Country Shop

Rich L., Owner

“Mia at Television Ad Group has been handling most of our advertising for years. It is amazing how far she stretches our advertising budget to reach the biggest audience possible. We highly recommend her. She has been a great asset in the growing of our business! “

Salt Lake City Mission

Pastor Shawn Clay, Executive Director

What a pleasure it has been to work with Television Ad Group. Mia, Ellen, and the team show they really care about the results through the special attention and professional work ethic they displayed in putting together just the right plan for us.

As a charity service provider whose bottom line relies on contributions from donors, they know how important it is that we make every dollar count. They offered a top-notch service at a price we could afford, with a continued above average result.

As an understaffed organization with a lot of work to do, working with Mia and Ellen is like having an extra set of hands that helps get the job done with great results. They have a heart of gold, and it shows they also care about the less fortunate we provide for and assist right here in Utah.

Because of their special pricing and getting us just the.right cost-effective TV spots, I consider them a Partner in the fight against poverty as we can keep our admin and overhead cost low and allocate even more funds to those in need. Compared to others we worked with in the past, we now have an above average return on investment when it comes to media endeavors.

We will continue to work with Television Ad Group because they have proven that they really do care about people first. We pray God’s greatest blessing over them. Thank you so much to Mia, Ellen, and the team.

Miyohara International Trichology Clinic

Mrs. E.H. Wells, CEO

“Working with the Television Ad Group has been a very delightful experience, I have had the opportunity to work with Mia and Ellen, and what an insightful team they made. Mia was one of the most gracious and kind individuals that I have ever come across in dealing with the media, she took a great deal of time and care to help me understand my market, the pricing, and what was best suited for my budget, she did not try and oversell me on anything but gave me enough information to look over and ask as many questions that I needed to know, she has a wealth of knowledge that the TAG should thank their lucky stars that she is on their team and not their competitors she is a rare gem and I am grateful for her time and care in helping me with my tv campaign.

The video editor Ellen was amazing it’s like she literally took the vision I had and captured it perfectly, she was very attentive to details, she never made me feel like my ideas were less important than hers and she allowed me to be such an integral part of the video process I feel like I can be a directorYum(NOT) hahaha well at least that is the way she made me feel, so easy to work with and so kind and caring about what was important to me, who would not want to work with a team like this? Well they sure got my vote and I will definitely use their service again.”

Archaeological Paths

Gregory P., CEO

‘Mia and the Television Group are amazing in all aspects. We were very impressed by their quality of work, transparency, knowledge, and delivery of their promises. They were truly an asset if it comes to taking care of all our TV ads and we will definitely continue to work with them.’

Book A Limo

Oren E. CEO

“Mia and Ellen are amazing to work with very professional and have access to great programs. They won’t over promise or sale you something that may not work well for you. They work hard 24/7 to achieve your goals so don’t be surprise to get emails in middle of the night. “

Adams & Sons Pump Service

Brian R., Owner

“Our business is drilling and servicing water wells in Northeast Ohio. As a small business owner, you have to be able to do many tasks and it is difficult to find the time and energy to make your business grow. I contacted Mia through a mutual friend and she explained how I could help my business grow with a little advertising guidance. Mia wrote and directed a television commercial to give our business more exposure then the yellow pages or google could provide. Mia herself is very friendly and easy to reach by email if you have questions. I am very glad that I chose to have her improve my business performance. Thanks very much! “

AskInsuranceAdvisors.com, NE

Lisa W., Owner

“Working with the Television Ad Group has been the best experience.  Mia and her team really listen to your needs and help find you the program that will serve you best.  They are responsive and caring.  I highly recommend Mia and her group for your advertising needs.  You will be happy you did.”


Ismael A. Principal Investor

“Mia has a pure passion for her business and is extremely knowledgeable. My partner and I have changed our marketing footprint 3 times within a short period in order to reach a larger audience and Mia provided solutions in lightening speed time. She knows her business inside and out and always over delivers. We are getting great results.”

The Mission Store

William J., COO

“The team at Television Ad Group made establishing my Ad Campaign a great experience, and at times they went above and beyond what was expected. Good hardworking friendly people! “

EC Publishing LLC

Ethel L., Director

“We have been working with Television Ad Group for few years now. We always have amazing experience. Tom and Mia has been proactive, share ideas to deliver quality advertising, and our Clients are happy with the results. Highly recommended! “


Orrin C. Hudson, Executive Director

“Television Ad Group really took an interest in our company Besomeone.org and worked hard to find us the best advertising schedule for our ad dollars. They really do get the best prices and I highly recommend them for anyone looking for cost effective advertising. They are a great company to work with.”

Bongiovi Brands, NJ

Anthony B., Owner

“TelevisionAdGroup has helped take my local business national. I was spending twice as much for local advertising before I met them, and now we are nationwide for less money. Our sales and awareness have tripled, and I couldn’t have done it without them. T.A.G. cares about your business — not just the sale — and that is why I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my advertising dollar.”

Defense Soap, OH

Guy S., CEO/Owner/Founder

“As a small business owner, I need to make sure I get the most bang for the buck. Over the past several years we can say we have definitely gotten that working with the Television Ad Group. Always over-delivering.”

Welmedix Consumer Healthcare, NJ

Bruce L., Marketing Director

“Your media planning and buying was the key program in helping us achieve TWO key successes highlighted in a recent trade ad in MMR. The first is that we were the fastest-growing brand in our category this season; and the second is that the success behind the gel has enabled us to get greater traction in launching the new items.”

Hawley Martin PR, VA

Steve M., Owner

“I’ve been in the advertising business a long time and worked with many media professionals. When it comes to negotiating the best deal, no one beats T.A.G. I know I can count on them.”


Sam B., Owner

“The best rates, amazing customer support, and great production speed.”

Superior Source Vitamins, CA

Matthew S. , Director of Sales & Marketing

“The staff at Television Ad Group are a pleasure to work with. Mia is very focused on receiving maximum exposure; always with an eye on getting the best rates. Additionally, Bruce was very helpful in creating the spot the way we wanted it.”

Visiting Angels, IL

Dennis and Donna S., Owner/Director

“Mia and her group have been very easy and pleasant to work. Any and all questions are answered in timely manner and professionally. I have already recommended this company to someone else. Here’s to great results in 2018.”

SoccerWave, OK

Ben M., Owner

“I have been with TelevisionAdGroup for sometime now. It has been very beneficial for my company. They are very responsive and have worked with me to find out what would work best. They have provided me with several options and scenarios to maximize the result. Working with TelevisionAdGroup has been one of the best decisions my company has made.”

Talking Trump Doll, NC

Dominic C., Owner

“The people of TelevisionAdGroup provided us a commercial that was not only well done and professional, but met our budget and market objectives.”

GolfKnickers, SC

Nathan R., Marketing Director

“We have seen success with our ads and we have reached more people nationwide than we have before. We have had a strong success in the commercial venue for marketing, and it has been worth every penny of our investment. Our ROI has been extremely positive.”

Historic Harmony Festival, PA

Gwen L., Chairperson

“I have been chairperson for Historic Harmony’s German Christmas Market for over 12 years now and I depend completely on Television Ad Group for our media advertising. Everyone there goes out of their way to help us target the right audiences, to make sure our commercial is perfect and ready to go on time and to get us good time slots. Our event is enormously successful every year thanks to their great service! We used another advertising service in the beginning but since we have been with Television Ad Group we have not even considered switching. When you have a good thing, you stay with it!”

Absolute Abstracting, NC

Jim M., Owner

“Although still in the ‘testing’ phase of our campaign, Mia and her team at TelevisionAdGroup have already produced results that far exceeded our expectations. Their commitment to our success is obvious, and they back that up with hard work, incredible creativity, and an aggressive negotiation skill that has obtained rates for us far better than previously used agencies. Daily, we continue to be impressed how they constantly go above and beyond on our behalf.”

Hope Construction, PA

Jodi H., Owner

“We love to use Television Ad group to advertise for our roofing company. Television Ad Group had brought us a ton of business and handled us with professionalism. We are very pleased.”

RLA Collective, NY

Robin R., Partner

“TelevisionAdGroup is incredibly clever in coming up with creative for difficult personal health topics and great to work with on the media side, as well. We consider them a true partner in all our TV strategies.”

The Bagel Club and LA Cafes, NJ

Dominic R., Owner

“The Television Ad Group, along with their wonderful staff, has provided us a venue for expanding our marketing while effectively penetrating the local area viewing audience. We’ve seen an increase in customer sales and customer recognition. The TV Ad Group helped us put together a concise, effective and attractive marketing program. I highly recommend them.”

Jackass Banker, NY

Robert Kelly, Founder

“The entire team at Television Ad Group is top notch! They produced our commercials, edited them to perfection, and strategically placed the ads in national and regional networks which were extremely cost effective. We won’t go anywhere else to do our ads—just make sure you ask for Mia to help you get started!”

LJ & Jesus Real Estate

Lopa J., Owner

“Mia is a very responsive professional. I love her work ethics, outreach and resourcefulness. I was able to realize my dream of publishing on TV only because of her. She is very cost effective and helps you realize your media publication dreams. I would recommend Mia and Team to all. I always recommend her to all my colleagues and peers.”

Visiting Angels - Philadelphia, PA

Dave P., Vice President of Business Development

“I have been dealing with TelevisionAdGroup for years. I find their rates to be the most competitive, and their attention to my business needs are met quickly. I highly recommend TelevisionAdGroup to all”

Avia Dental, WV

Karen C., Owner

“I just wanted to let you know that the TV campaign is kicking butt!!! February and March are always our big months, but we just broke our sales records this week!!! Our record in weekly sales was 73, and we broke it today — standing at 79 as we speak — but we don’t actually close out our week until midnight tonight. Now I just want more!!!! Yay!!!!”

Weitz and Luxenberg, NY

David K., Marketing

“The only bad aspect of my providing an enthusiastic recommendation for TelevisionAdGroup is that perhaps our competition will get wind of how amazing they are. I wholeheartedly suggest that anyone who desires outstanding value for their advertising dollar seek them out immediately.

We have been very happy with our results, and look forward to a great future with TelevisionAdGroup on our team.”

Tartan Media Group, ID

Gail Ann M., President

“We have worked with TelevisionAdGroup for 2 years. They are very knowledgeable and were able to locate the best on air rates available. They give each client more than what is expected and go the extra mile. We continue to work with TelevisionAdGroup, regarding 60-second spots as well as 30-minute infomercials. We respect their vast experience and integrity.”

Visiting Angels - Orlando, FL

Gary C., Franchise Owner

“I have been working with TelevisionAdGroup since the beginning of 2010. Since that time, TelevisionAdGroup has been very instrumental in securing very reasonable rates with multiple radio networks. In addition, they have superior customer service!!! I would highly recommend working with TelevisionAdGroup.”

Book Venture, WI

Katherine P., Marketing Officer

“Television Ad Group always goes the extra mile to exceed our expectations. We have always admired Television Ad Group’s passion, determination and dedication to make all of our advertising projects possible. We highly recommend Television Ad Group for efficient and results driven campaigns.”

Penns Colony Festival, PA

Beth R., Director/Owner

“I have 30 years of producing special events and a lot of experience with other media companies and buyers. To work with Mia and her group is a wonderful experience. Our promotions are more effective. Our budget stays on track. There is an integrity to the service that Mia and Television Ad Group work give us.”

Natural Motion Lure, FL

Mark A., Owner

“The attention to detail and communicating directly with us with last-minute special media buying opportunities is what really sets TelevisionAdGroup apart, in my opinion. And it allows us to profit, especially in these trying economic times. These last-minute-type opportunities are simply not available through other media buying services.”

Zirconmania Inc. CA

Jacob H., Owner

“Television Ad Group is a team of dedicated Professionals that really care about their client’s bottom line. We are very happy to work with them!”

Gallery in the Burg, PA

Jane S., Owner

“TelevisionAdGroup is readily available and responds to emails and phone calls very promptly. They communicate options to the customer and try to find the things that will work best for them. They are also knowledgeable about the channels and the products. TelevisionAdGroup will work harder to get your ad in front of the right customer than anyone I have ever worked with before. They listen to your concerns and help you find the perfect ad and network to reach your customer base. T.A.G. is always working for YOU.”

Blue Petro, FL

Ron H., Owner

“Being a client of TelevisionAdGroup has been an honor for many years. Their planning and work ethic are the best. Getting them on the phone to speak with is a real blessing. It is a pleasure to work with T.A.G. and also to call them friends after all these many years. “

Sqeeqee, CA

Jenny T., Owner

“TelevisionAdGroup gets us the most for our advertising dollars.”

Salvadore Dali Gallery, CA

Bruce H., Owner

“The most valued assets of any business are its employees and customers – not its building, property, or bank accounts. I want to take this opportunity to compliment one of your ‘valued assets’: Mia C. Mia is a top professional. I will refer my best friends to TelevisionAdGroup.”

Tax Relief Providers, NJ

Stephanie P., Office Manager

“If you want real marketing that works effectively and are looking for results, T.R.P. highly recommends using TelevisionAdGroup. The outcomes for your company will be positive, and I can’t thank TelevisionAdGroup enough for assisting us in getting where we are today.”

R-CA Congressional Candidate, CA

Theodore T., Candidate

“TelevisionAdGroup is amazing; what seemed like a low-cost, short-term ad buy resulted in massive favorable feedback – greatly exceeding all expectations. I’m amazed at how many people were reached with their expertise.”

Rock Bottom Golf, NY

Brian S., Director of Marketing

“We had been an online only retailer for over 20 years, sticking to mostly online marketing efforts. Thanks to Television Ad Group, we were able to successfully start marketing our business through TV commercials. They were able to get us in front of the proper audience, and helped our business experience record growth!”

Silver Stock Report, CA

Jason H., Owner

“I just got TelevisionAdGroup’s production of my commercial. It is outstanding, fantastic, amazing, and what an impact! I’m extremely impressed with the quality of the work, the professionalism, and the great price! $2000 for that? Wonderful! I can’t wait to see the impact this commercial will have when it hits the air. I expect it to be just sensational! Thank you so much for helping me from start to finish on this project.”

Grip On International, CA

Larry K., Owner

“I have used TelevisionAdGroup for national cable advertising. T.A.G. was just terrific. They always got back to me right away, and kept me in the loop. They made excellent suggestions and were very supportive. T.A.G. even gave me some ideas where to sell my product.”

American Alpaca, WA

Bob N., Owner

“This has been my first experience at doing a commercial, and I have to say, it has been a most pleasurable experience. TelevisionAdGroup has been so very helpful, so very informative, in guiding us away from the many pitfalls that can come from advertising a new company. My only regret is I haven’t always followed their advice. Working with TelevisionAdGroup is like having a friend with your best interest at heart. Their producer also has been a pleasure to work with. I could sense that he enjoys his work and takes pride in making the best commercial for his customers. He did a great job for us. Thanks, TelevisionAdGroup, for the help and support you give and especially for a great commercial. I look forward to a continued relationship with you.”

Street Beast, FL

Peter T., Director of Operations

“I want to thank TelevisionAdGroup for the tremendous job they are doing and the continued support that is always forthcoming in a positive and upbeat manner. As we gradually reduce our print advertising — which in this day and age is not effective — to a strong combination of television and internet, it is a joy not to deal with major PR firms who are more worried about how much you are willing to spend than how they can improve your business. TelevisionAdGroup is truly unique, and we feel an asset to our marketing team. Our lead flow grows every day, as will our exposure as the worlds leading and largest replicator manufacturer. Well done T.A.G. Keep up the great work!

Ohso, TX

Richard T., President

“OHSO was new to television so I shopped around for a place I could buy TV spots. I talked to a lot of media companies and viewed a few on-line media buying sites. TelevisionAdGroup’s rates were the best, and their service and follow-up was excellent. I asked them a thousand questions and they always answered my emails. They helped me craft a sensible TV strategy to build brand awareness and generate web orders for GoOHSO.com… and it’s working.

We continue to hone our strategy, and they were there all the way. I look forward to future ventures into TV advertising with TelevisionAdGroup.”

Baltimore Trauma Response Team, MD

Selina J., Executive Director Of Operations

“The Baltimore Trauma Response Team is proud of the work Television Ad Group did for us. As a non profit organization it is important for us in our campaign to raise money through donations and solicit new members. Due to the impressive commercial spot that was created for us we were successful. We were able to help cloth, and give food to people who need help and those who have been affected by trauma. If you would like to donate or be a sponsor visit our website www.baltimoretrauma.com”

Life Journey Worldview Travel, CA

Ibis K., Director of Operations

“As producers of big events all over the country — and the world — TelevisionAdGroup’s tenacity and professionalism are hard to beat! We believe we are getting the biggest bang for our advertising dollars by tapping into T.A.G.’s resources and solid relationships with the networks and distributors alike. They are a diamond in a very rough and tough advertising market – we highly recommend TelevisionAdGroup.”

Hampster Industries, IL

John H., Owner

“TelevisionAdGroup is a real joy to deal with. You can expect the hardest working act in show business when you come aboard. They bring honesty and hard work to help make your advertising campaign successful. I highly recommend them, and I am very grateful for all that they have done to help grow our company.”

Private Investigations Talk, TX

Jim P., Owner

“Selecting T.A.G. to handle our TV advertising was one of the best business decisions that I’ve ever made in my entire 40 years in business. Mia and TelevisionAdGroup are the most honest, professional, and straight-talking people it has ever been my personal pleasure to know and do business with. The TV commercial production is outstanding too, and the entire combination is unbeatable. Suffice it to say that they take a very personal interest in all their clients’ success.”

Scarborough Research, FL

William G., Recruiter

“TelevisionAdGroup has made our television advertising efforts simple, affordable, and professional. Throughout the entire process of getting our ad up and running, they have been extremely helpful, understanding, and accommodating to our company’s needs. TelevisionAdGroup also did a wonderful job of reaching the target market audience we were looking for. I would recommend TelevisionAdGroup to anyone looking to improve their advertising efforts.”

Times LLC., DC

Ben T., Owner

“TelevisionAdGroup is efficient, innovative, and capable. They are especially adept at helping bring new products and services to the market.”

Phantasy Records, KY

John S., Owner

“I want to thank you for organizing our advertising campaign. What impressed me the most was your professionalism and how well you take care of the smallest detail. Whenever I had a question you immediately got back to me with an answer. I also liked how you tried to give suggestions on how I could improve the website as well as the advertising. It’s not often that a business will go the extra mile for a client. Television Ad group did.”

Skinny Pouch, WI

Joe W., President

“Thanks to TelevisionAdGroup’s prompt and professional services in producing an outstanding SkinnyPouch™ TV commercial for our company. They where easy to work with and the objective of the commercial production was right on target. I can’t wait to begin airing!”

Gripz, MI

Larry K., Owner

“I have used TelevisionAdGroup for national cable advertising. T.A.G. was just terrific. They always got back to me right away and kept me in the loop. They made excellent suggestions and were very supportive. T.A.G. even gave me some ideas where to sell my product.”

McClain Law Group, CA

Tim M., Owner

“My law firm has worked with TelevisionAdGroup and met with excellent results. With the help of TelevisionAdGroup, we were able to secure extremely favorable TV spot rates in competitive markets, which led to a very nice increase in our client base and revenues.”

Save The Whales, DC

Keith P., Marketing Director

“TelevisionAdGroup helped the Save the Whales campaign with their buying power and strategy. Great team to work with. I give them 5 stars!”

Emerald City PR, PA

Frank C., Owner

“If TelevisionAdGroup was around when Moses descended from the Mount, he’d have been carrying six stone tablets, because they got a great deal at the quarry.”

Concept Creations, GA

Jonathan P., Owner

“It has been such a joy working with TelevisionAdGroup with our direct response marketing campaign. We started out seeking only a local TV campaign due to budget restraints, but through T.A.G.’s contacts and expertise in the business they where able to get us some of the lowest rates available reaching over 10 million households all while staying within our limited budget. They stay on top of things and always responded back immediately when we have any questions or concerns. They know the business inside out. They not only helped us place our TV ads, but T.A.G. also was instrumental in us finding the write telemarketing services, venture capitalist, and potential print advertising sources.”

St. Barnabas Health Systems, PA

Nanci C., Vice President

“TelevisionAdGroup has been an outstanding agency for St. Barnabas. They are very timely with all the information regarding opportunities to place additional advertising. T.A.G. is very quick to follow-up with any questions that we have and does a great job selling the inventory that is available. I have worked with many agencies for media space throughout my career, and I can honestly say that I have not worked with a more personable, professional, and committed agency than TelevisionAdGroup. They go the extra mile to make the customer feel valued. The mix they have provided for our placements has also been very effective over the past years.”

Allan Jewelers, PA

Kevin B., Owner

“TelevisionAdGroup is the most effective way to reach your customers in any market. TelevisionAdGroup’s experience and contacts put me on the map. I have clients across the United States who trust me because of the way TelevisionAdGroup brought my company into their home or office. You have to be seen by people to be remembered. TelevisionAdGroup will get you in front of people in a way you will be remembered and trusted. Compare TelevisionAdGroup’s price and schedule and be amazed.”

Niron Depot, CO

Nir S., Owner

“I own a local kitchen and bath showroom in Aurora. I knew I had to get a commercial on television if I wanted to expand my business and increase my customer volume. I knew nothing of how television ads worked and how they were aired. About 6 months ago, I contacted TelevisionAdGroup to assist me with this project, as I had read nothing but great reviews for them online. TelevisionAdGroup made advertising on television as easy as it could be, and they did most of the work for me. They knew exactly how to format my commercials, as well as airing times and targeted audience – so that I would get the most exposure for my money.

I have had nothing but a great experience these last 6 months working with TelevisionAdGroup. Since my commercial began airing on television, our customer volume has increased drastically, and not a single day goes by without at least 1 customer stating they heard about us through our commercial on television.”

Monte Cello's, PA

Joe W., Owner

“I have had numerous occasions over the past 10 years to do business with the TelevisionAdGroup for everything from radio to television advertising. They have always been there for our company in a creative and innovative way to promote whatever it was that we needed them to do. I have found TelevisionAdGroup to be fair and reasonable in their scale, in everything from radio to television production and all of our media buying needs.”

Joll Enterprises, PA

Nadine B., VP Administration

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mia, at TelevisionAdGroup, on several large advertising projects for our Company – Joll Enterprises, Inc. for Quaker Steak & Lube. T.A.G.’s attention to detail and their tenacity in getting the best program available for the best possible price is legendary. They have the reputation of being a professional’s professional… They work hard at getting the job done and done right at the right price. I never hesitate to turn over my advertising needs to Mia and Television Ad Group, fully confident that they will get the job done at a level of excellence while spending my advertising dollars wisely.”

Nuhart, PA

Kathy S., President

“I have worked with TelevisionAdGroup for over 10 years. They are honest, hard-working, and get results. They are more than a business partner; they are friends. Mia at TelevisionAdGroup has been our media buyer for years. She does a great job with my budget. I recommend her and the T.A.G. team to any business wanting more customers.”

Azemi Studio, PA

Dritan A., Owner

“I have been working with TelevisionAdGroup for a full 2 years now, and I am very pleased! When you have any concerns you can rest assured that TelevisionAdGroup will solve it. It has been a pleasure to work with them. Love the inventive side that they’ve had to offer when it comes to marketing and being able to find media resources at any given moment.”

Seretti Auto Group, PA

John S., Owner

“I think TelevisionAdGroup is great at responding to my particular needs, and I have never been disappointed in their servicing my account. They’re a real credit to your company, as they are passionate in what they do; and when a person is passionate about their job, they excel. Their national acclimation is an indicator of their success.”

Soergel Orchard, PA

Eric V., Manager

“I just wanted to send a quick note to let you guys know how much I appreciated your input and expertise during our past year of advertising with you again. I truly feel that I can trust TelevisionAdGroup, and that you are working in the best interest of my family’s company to get me the most ‘bang for the buck.’ I’m looking forward to expanding our customer base next year!”

Ringboyz Sportz, NV

Kevin F., Owner

“Since doing business with TelevisionAdGroup, our sales have sky-rocketed. Because of you, we just started a Phoenix, Arizona, arm of the company because we now have the money to expand our company.

We’re kind of selfish telling people about you in Las Vegas and Phoenix. We never let the right hand know what the left hand is doing in our company; that keeps confusion out. We will make this one and only exception.”

Zegarelli Technology and Entrepreneurial, PA

Gregg Z., President

“TelevisionAdGroup pours their hearts and souls into their clients’ projects. Their advice and marketing efforts are invaluable.”

Neuticles, MO

Gregg M., Owner

“Our company had a limited television advertising budget and TelevisionAdGroup (T.A.G.) made sure we got the most bang for our buck. Reached millions of homes – our website visits skyrocketed to 10 to 12 times our normal daily hits. Above all, the staff at T.A.G. provided professional personalized service. We will be going back to them for all future TV advertising”


Al P., Owner

“It is a pleasure to recommend TelevisionAdGroup as a very professional TV buying service. They deliver more spots per dollar than anyone else I’ve come across. The service is outstanding, timely and very responsive with detailed information on my media buys.”

Innovative Custom Products, WI

Joe W., Owner

As producers of big events all over the country — and the world — TelevisionAdGroup’s tenacity and professionalism are hard to beat! We believe we are getting the biggest bang for our advertising dollars by tapping into their resources and solid relationships with the networks and distributors alike. They are a diamond in a very rough and tough advertising market – we highly recommend Mia and her team.

Chairman Victory 2016, CA

Randy G., Fundraising Director

“When we needed to get our advertising on the air on short notice, the TelevisionAdGroup team swung into action and performed superbly. They gave us good advice on when and where to buy television and radio time that helped us get the most bang for the buck. When we needed to quickly produce a professional radio ad, they did a great job for us – and did it quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend TelevisionAdGroup.”

Contract It Yourself, AZ

Kevin N., Owner

“I am writing this letter to let you know what a GREAT job you have done for me. This was a completely new field that I jumped into last year and was very ‘green’ to say the least. I am very thankful that I found TelevisionAdGroup on the Internet. Let me take a minute to explain my situation: I have been in the construction industry for twenty-five years. I decided last year to write a book and teach average people how to act as their own builder, eliminating the general contractor/builder and saving lots of money. I took off a few months and completed it; I also had the book copy written with the Library of Congress. In other words, it is not another ‘rip-off’ e-book on the Internet. I still needed a way to market this book within my limited budget. That is how TelevisionAdGroup came into play. They helped me immensely with things that I knew little about. They did this professionally and without making me feel inferior on a subject I knew nothing about. They did all this and saved me about 30–40% from the same service locally!

In closing, I can only say that I highly recommend TelevisionAdGroup to anyone wanting million-dollar results and customer service on a limited budget.”

Johnny Mari Dress Store, MI

Johnathan M., Owner

We have been dealing with this company over 10 years. We were really happy to find this company at the beginning and until today. They have been performing for our company perfectly as what we needed. Hope, anyone who are thinking of dealing with this company will get the same good result as what we have been getting. Thanks Television Ad Group.

Aquadek Pools, FL

Tom Foster, Owner

“The ad looks fantastic, very professional. Great job.”

Kay Hensley for Senator, KY

Gloria H., Campaign Director

“I was very impressed with Mia Compomizzi from Television Ad Group. She is very knowledgeable, quick to reply, and on top of her game! She was so quick in setting up our commercials and getting them on the air that I couldn’t hardly get her the information quick enough. She has been personal and just very helpful to our campaign. I highly recommend Television Ad Group.”


John G. Owner

Mia and the team are so knowledgeable and have helped us scale our marketing reach by an incredible volume. They know everything about TV and Radio advertising and seem to have contacts and relationships with any station and network we’d desire to advertise with.  Before we started to work with Mia and the team we had little experience with advertising on TV or radio and today it is a big part of our business and sales. We owe this to TV AdGroup.