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Advertising On The Radio

Reach your audience on the road, at their desk, or during a run.

What You Need To Know About Radio

Radio Reaches Over 90% of the Population

With over 230 million listeners every week, radio reaches over 90% of the U.S. population. However, that is not the most impressive thing about radio. The really amazing aspect of radio is how it personally connects with consumers. With its lifestyle-specific programming and lovable on-air personalities, radio has the power to reach a highly targeted demographic.

Our advertising associates specialize in radio. We know how stations operate and how to get you the best radio advertising rates possible. With over 25 years of experience, TelevsionAdGroup is not only your one-stop shop for television, we’re also your destination for great radio advertising.

Radio Facts


Radio is an extremely available service. Outside of the few premium radio services, anyone can listen to radio on their phone, in a car, or on their computer – all at no charge. That means that radio stations make most of their money through the ads they sell. Radio’s accessibility and almost endless diverse programming make it a great advertising opportunity.



Radio, by far, gets the greatest reaction out of its audience. Radio listeners can often be caught dancing to their favorite song, humming the jingle to a commercial the rest of the day, and becoming passionate about a topic their favorite personality talked about.

Radio is an emotional medium – which means that highly creative commercials drive great response.



Drive Traffic to your Website

It’s proven that radio advertising directly correlates to Internet ads.  Dramatically increase your click-through rate with the added power of radio advertising. With a creative commercial and a catchy URL, you can help drive more traffic to your business’s website.



Tuning in Each Week

Radio has an amazing reach. You can listen to the radio when you on the road, at work, shopping, and even when you are doing basically anything on your phone. Each week, over 90% of Americans consume some sort of radio programming.



Online Listeners

Over 30 million listeners use online resources to tune into their favorite radio station every month. Whether it’s via a mobile app or by website, Internet radio is reaching more and more consumers every year.



Radio is an extremely diverse media outlet. With programming for almost every imaginable category, there is an advertising opportunity tuned to your advertising needs. Selling cars, books, clothing, services, appliances, or more – there is a program category for you.



Cost Effective Advertising

Over the years, TelevisionAdGroup has built an extensive network of media vendors. We pride ourselves on those relationships and the great volume pricing we get from them. We pass these savings on to our clients; so every business we work with can reap the benefits of bulk buying. Unlike our competitors, you do not get charged exorbitant prices for your advertising. We work hard to get you the most cost-effective advertising possible.

Our caring sales team will work with you to figure out what type of advertising will work best for your product or business. We will negotiate the lowest effective prices and help you build a campaign that will get you and your brand noticed. We will be with you every step of the way to make sure your advertising is optimized for your unique audience.