Newsmax TV

Newsmax TV

Newsmax TV has one of the most engaged audiences who tune into television!

I wanted to share with you below data from a recent GfK MRI-Simmons study.

It found: Newsmax was the #1 TV news channel for the percentage of viewers who actually vote.

We also went off the scales when it came to political engagement with elected officials.

For political advertisers: Newsmax delivers a huge bang for the buck.

For non-political advertisers: Newsmax has one of the most engaged and responsive audiences anywhere.

And remember, this audience is accessible to you on television, online, in emails, through cell sms texts, app notifications, through our print magazine — and through our many social media channels.

So reach out today and find out how you can get big results with Newsmax!

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Newsmax’s Audience Leads in Politically Engaged

According to a 2021 Spring GfK MRI-Simmons Study, Newsmax television viewers (Adults 18+) are among the most active and politically savvy of the cable news world.

Newsmax is also #1 in active voters among major cable news networks.

Recently Voted in Federal, State or Local Election

93% Newsmax
73% CNN
72% Fox News
70% CNBC

Recently Wrote or Called Federal, State or Local Official

221 Index Newsmax
177 Index MSNBC
130 Index CNN
126 Index CNBC
111 Index Fox News

Newsmax Has a Balanced Political Viewership

26% Democrats
35% Independent
38% Republican

Source: 2021 Spring GfK MRI-Simmons Study; Base; Adults 18+

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