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Incredible Dog Challenge Syndicated Show This Spring

Don't miss out on the Incredible Dog Challenge! After all there is only one thing better than cute and friendly dogs, and that's cute and friendly dogs that are ALSO canine athletes! Viewers can't get enough of these fur babies.


Incredible Dog Challenge Syndicated Show This Spring

Broadcast Window: 2Q 5/5 - 7/1/18

Here is a great Spring Special! The finale of the premiere canine sporting event that has become a national sensation known for attracting world-class canine athletes. The show features the best dogs from across the country competing in “Olympic-style” events, including high flying disc routines, head-to-head weave pole racing, large and small dog agility courses, Jack Russell hurdle racing and the fan favorite – dog diving – where dogs leap off a 40-foot dock into a 19,000- gallon pool of water!

This 60 minute syndicated show is airing Nationally with over 85% US coverage.  This Special is expected to deliver 1,050,000+ households and reach 60% of Adult 50+ year old, and 35% of Adults 25-54 years old.  This Program has room for 60second and 30second ad, and with a deadline of 4/24/18 you don't have much time to get this deal while its still available.  Contact us to get more details and secure your spot in this nationally syndicated show or call us at 212-844-9057.