Deadly Adventure: Trip to the Titanic

Deadly Adventure: Trip to the Titanic

The Whole Story with Anderson Cooper Investigates a “Deadly Adventure: Trip to the Titanic” Featuring Reporting from CNN’s Randi Kaye.  For Advertising Details on Anderson Cooper call 212-844-8057 or email



NEW YORK, NY – (June 28, 2023) – The Whole Story with Anderson Cooper, a CNN Original, returns with a thorough investigation from CNN National Correspondent Randi Kaye on the story that has rapidly captured the world’s attention. “Deadly Adventure: Trip to the Titanic” premieres on Sunday, July 2 at 8pm ET/PT.

This week, five passengers on the Titan submersible that was diving 13,000 feet to view the Titanic on the ocean floor perished in a “catastrophic implosion,” authorities said Thursday, bookending an astounding five-day international search operation near the site of the world’s most famous shipwreck. Kaye unravels the timeline of events, starting with the Titan’s initial descent and their last communication to the surface. As investigators continue to scour the ocean floor for debris trying to establish the circumstances of the Titan’s fatal final voyage, Kaye breaks down everything we know now.

“Deadly Adventure: Trip to the Titanic” features interviews with the foremost experts on submersible travel and people close to the passengers, including OceanGate Expeditions investor Aaron NewmanExpedition: Unknown host Josh Gates, CEO of Underwater Forensic Investigators Tom Maddox, senior adviser for strategic initiatives for RMS Titanic Inc. David Gallo, and CBS Correspondent David Pogue.

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