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Because of a loophole that allows an additional 10 Seconds of “Promotional Time” in some shows, CNN among many other Daytime, Syndicated and network TV shows feature a unique 10 Second slot that some advertisers love. This CNN slot is even more special because it includes a 5 Second Billboard with a lead in that features even a few more words on the advertiser before their full 10 Second commercial. These ads appear at the top of every hour unless breaking news pushes them further down the hour. These unique units are sole in WEEKLY BLOCKS. You can choose the Hour or CNN Program you like. Some run 5 Days per week. Some 7 Days per week. Some only weekends. Whichever you choose, you get one spot in every show that week and each “Package”  is priced accordingly.. Talk to us about which package you want and if the availability is there it can be reserved and booked for you, if the ad is approvable.. Don’t wait to get the best slots this quarter.. Call 212-844-9057 to learn more!