Digital Out of Home

Digital Out-of-Home
Inventory Guide

Available Venue Types

    • Schools
    • Colleges & Universities
    • Bars
    • Casual Dining
    • Hotels
    • Movie Theaters
    • QSR
    • Recreational Locations
    • Sports Entertainment
    • DMVs
    • Gyms
    • Salons
    • Billboards
    • Bus Shelters
    • Urban Panels
    • Doctor’s Offices
    • Veterinary Offices
    • Apartment Buildings
    • Convenience Stores
    • Dispensaries
    • Gas Stations
    • Grocery
    • Liquor Stores
    • Malls
    • Pharmacies
    • Parking Garages
    • Airports
    • Buses
    • Subway
    • Taxi & Rideshare Tops
    • Taxi & Rideshare TV
    • Train Stations


Digital inventory in educational venues provide direct access to
students all over the country. Reach middle and high schoolers
as well as university students while they head to class, hang out
on campus, or have lunch with friends by activating screens in
high-traffic locations, such as dining halls, student unions and
school hallways.

Screen Locations Include:

  • SCHOOLS: In cafeterias, along entrances, in the hallways
  • COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES: In dining halls, libraries, rec centers,
    student unions, fitness centers, on vending machines

Education Media Owners Available:

SCHOOLS:Atmosphere, Loop Media
COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES:Atmosphere, CheddarU, Rouge, Smart City Media, Vengo


Digital screens can be found in a variety of entertainment venues, such
as bars, restaurants, movie theaters, sports centers and others — enabling
brands to reach consumers in the places they spend leisure time, engaging
them with incentivized messaging and often touch-screen interactivity.

Screen Locations Include:

  • BARS: Behind the bar, interactive tablets on tables, digital music
    stations on the walls
  • CASUAL DINING: : At the front of the venue, mounted on the walls,
    behind the counter or bar
  • HOTELS: In-room guest tablets, hotel lobbies, hallways & elevators
  • MOVIE THEATERS: At the front of the venue, lobby displays,
    on the big screen
  • QSRs: On ATMs, at entrance, on or near drink stations
  • RECREATIONAL LOCATIONS: In bowling alleys, community centers,
    music venues, arcades and other family activity centers
  • SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT: In lobbies, alongside entertainment
    activities, mounted around the venue

Entertainment Media Owners Available:

BARS:AdMyTv, AMI, Atmosphere, Buzztime, Loop Media, N-Compass, NRG Go, Social Indoor, TouchTunes, True Sync Media
CASUAL DINING:AdMyTv, Atmosphere, Buzztime, CloudCover Music, Corner Media, Dolphin Digital, iTellio, Loop Media, Phoenix
Vision, Smartify Media, Social Indoor, SOS, TouchTunes, True Sync Media, Smartify, N-Compass
HOTELS:Intelity, Loop Media, Vengo
QSRs:CloudCover Music, iTellio, N-Compass, Paramount

Entertainment Media Owners Available:

MOVIE THEATERS:Atmosphere, CEN, Cinema Scene, Loop Media, N-Compass, ScreenVision, Social Indoor
RECREATIONAL CENTERS:AdMyTv, Atmosphere, Loop Media, Social Indoor, N-Compass, TouchTunes
SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT:Alpine Media, Atmosphere, Edison Interactive, N-Compass, Social Indoor, Topgolf